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Ruth Stoltzfus, Ph.D.


Ruth Stoltzfus is Professor of Nursing and Director of the Graduate Program in Nursing. She earned her BSN from Goshen College and her MSN and Ph.D. from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.  Dr. Stolfzfus invites meaningful dialogue into her classroom, allowing for the type of deep learning critical for nursing students.

Her courses–all of the graduate level-focus on research, analysis, development and theory, and address a context of comprehensive, holistic healthcare. An accomplished speaker, Dr. Stolfzfus is also a repeat awardee of the Mininger Center Grant, amongst other well deserved honors, including Indiana University School of Nursing’s Travel Fellowship Award, Spotlight on Nursing Graduate Nursing Scholarships and the Emily Holmquist Award from Indiana University School of Nursing Alumni Association.

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Jewel Yoder


Jewel Yoder is Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of the RN to BSN Program. She earned her BSN from Goshen College in 1999.

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Jody Srof


Jody Srof is Associate Professor of Nursing. He earned his BSN from Goshen College in 1982 and his MSN from Oral Roberts University in 1986.

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Susan Setiawan


Susan Setiawan is Associate Professor of Nursing.

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Vicky Kirkton


Vicky Kirkton is Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of the RN to BSN Program. She earned her BSN from Goshen College and her MA from Ball State University. From 1998 until 2011, Ms. Kirkton served as chair of the department of nursing, providing leadership and direction for the faculty and students. Prior to joining Goshen College, Ms. Kirkton was Associate Professor of Nursing and Dean of the Department of Nursing at Lutheran College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a nurse educator for more than 36 years, she is passionate about preparing nurses who care for the whole person’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual-cultural aspects. At Goshen College, Ms. Kirkton is given the freedom to nurture a caring, spiritual learning environment that promotes critical thinking and problem solving.

Ms. Kirkton is also responsible for establishing an additional site for Goshen College’s RN to BSN Program (Glen Oaks Community College, Centreville, Michigan), as well as recruiting for the program and revising its curriculum. Her courses prepare adult learners for upper-level college study, promote self-analysis and highlight today’s greatest industry issues. A sought-after presenter, Ms. Kirkton is a strong supporter of Goshen Health Syste’s Community Benefit Fund and an active participant in a variety of high-profile associations.

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Paul Keim Ph.D.


Paul Keim is Professor of Bible & Religion. He earned his BA from Goshen College in 1978, his M.Div. from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in 1985 and his PhD from Harvard University in 1992.

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